CNC Stuffs

After stumbling across a CNC router online, I knew I will have to build one, Ended up building two so far!!
What is a CNC Machine?..
A Computer controlled 3 axis machine capable of doing a whole lot of machining stuff.

Build or Buy one?
It will be an expensive hobby for me spending close to (1000 Euro) to get a decent 3 Axis CNC machine.
In my university days, hardware control via PC has always got my interest plus, I love making stuffs!!
Here is my experience in building the two machines also to keep the blog updated with some of what is been made with the machines.

Here are the links to the build of the 1st CNC, 2nd CNC and Project gallery page.

Small CNC Router
Big CNC Router
CNC Project Gallery


“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

Have fun!