CNC Small build

3 Axis Desktop CNC.

I bought a set of solsylva CNC plans, after weeks of trying to understand the plan, I figured out the best thing is to modify the plans and custom build the desktop CNC machine based on whatever wood or materials I have from left over projects around the house.

I modified the plans, here is the model/plan (drawn with sketchup) of what I hope to build.

After weeks of weekend cutting, drilling, screwing, and lots of redo.. finally.. something to test, using a pen. I accidentally blew one of the three motor driver (Easydriver from sparkfun) The stepper motor are Nema17 on the Y axis and Nema 23 with high precision 5 multistart thread rod (Bought from a garage/hobby fair for 1 Euro’each!! including the rods.)

Here is the computer feeding the gcodes to the machine. Using (Trial version of Mach3)

Wiring up all three stepper driver after ordering a new one.

It turned out that my use of electrical cable housing as guide for the X axis was a big joke, the play was upto 5 mm and it could not support the weight of a full router…. taking apart and doing the Y axis again. This should be strong enough..

better view

The Z axis is the most complicated part of the build,it is the part that moves the router up and down. But finally onto something that should work.. Thanks to the thick pipe and bushing I got from my friends workshop.

Closer view..

Boom … Just like magic everything looks like a decent machine. the router is a bit over sized for the machine, but that is what I have and I am pretty sure the thick pipes/rail are strong enough…

If I am going to be allowed to use my desktop CNC in the house, it has to look cool or not look like a collection of junk. (say’s the wife). So .. take apart…PAINT. In the picture you will also see the frame for the CNC bigger brother.

And so there it is looking awesomely awesome!! I also made a cute little box to hold the electronics. It’s fitted with 12v PC cooling fan. Those little drivers generate lots of heat!!

Machine at work..

I love cars!! Mini logo to be engraved using electric hot iron craft (Pyrographics)

Mini logo in progress…

Many many thanks to my wife for putting up with lots of…!!. and my cute little son (always there to run/crawl away with my tools!!). 99.9% of of all I learned, I got from reading about peoples build on the forum cnczone (thanks guys!!).

Where did I get the strength to do this..?
The Lord is my strength and Guide.!!