3D Stuffs

Over the years I have learnt alot about 3D printing & 3D printers and still learning!!. I moved into it after I built my CNC machines. It is a code/program controlled machine capable of printing 3D designs and object using a variety of materials, like metals & plastics. I have built/assembled a number of 3D printers , one of which is a folding 3D printer. This makes it easy to carry around to makers events & fair. I use my printers most often to print toys and test hobby project prototypes and also print for others…

If you like to learn, own, assemble or build one for yourself, feel free to contact me.

What is a 3D Printer?

…TFold folding 3D printer

…How to draw/design and print a 3D object

…Printed Stuffs (photo gallery)


“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

Have fun!


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