Wood Inlay

Making Wood Inlay

The question is: How accurate is my home buit CNC machine in making tight fitting parts? One of the way I decided to test that, is by making a wood inlay. Which is simply covering/inserting a part of a wood cut with the CNC machine and merge it with another wood/material cut by the same machine, make some nice artistic effect.

I thought it is time I pay tribute to my beloved country “Nigeria”

Finished product..

Where did i get the Image?  Online free Esri shape file of African countries.

I Converted the data –> DXF  –> GCode. I then sent the Gcode to the CNC machine using a CAM (computer aided machining) software.
The CNC interpretes the code and precisely guides the cutter (high speed router) over the two wood materials, making a cut and an engraving.



…Hmmm so what will it be used for…? no clue.. may be a wall clock!!

….Or not!!