Halftone..Carving photo on wood.

Playing with halftone.

In search of work  for my CNC machine (aka Bender). I stumble across a really cool software dxfhalftone developed by a guy named Metalfusion from Finland. After building his CNC machine he developed the software which allow images to be converted to a set of pixels and then modified. The output is a dxf file or (machine readable code G CODE)!!.

That is all Bender needs to work “GCODES!!” so I imported an image …  did not find any any of mine. Using the path width filter..


I decided to try it out on a large piece of white laminated chipboard.


You need to look at the image from a distance, a meter or two from the screen.

Unpainted, I wish I left it that way… 😦

Not bad for a first try… now I need to find some real car photos…

I wish I could get myself to start writing custom  applications for Bender. But hey!! why reinvent the wheels?  Most nice application are available for free including the source code for tweaking and customizing I’ll go that way.