Controlbox for my 3D printer

Making a casing for the 3D printer display/control electronics
Use your mouse to view in 3d

T0 make controller box for the 3D printer you will need the following components

  • LCD Module compatible with Arduino 20 character X 4 Lines
  • SD/MicroSD card module
  • A Rotary click encoder
  • Buzzer or small speaker
  • As shown here

    Test all connections and solder the pins. For schema diagram see the Reprap wiki on LCD

    Here is the 3D Design for the Box.
    Its 3D !! Use your mouse to view in 3d.

    The brown top and base will is cut from 5mm plywood using my CNC machine, and the orange middle part will be printed on the 3D printer.

    After some sanding and staining with wood stains…

    I mount all components in the box and screw using 4mm hex bolt & nut, applying hot glue to keep loose cables down.

    Want to build one? Download 2D(DXF) & 3D (STL) files from

  • thingiverse page.
  • Git hub