500 3D printed Marvin’s..  The Most frequently asked questions I get about 3D printing..

Me and my army!!

Me and my army!!

In this post I am putting together the most frequently asked questions I get about 3D printing. All answers relate to Desktop/Home 3D printing.

What is 3D printing?:

3d printing overview

3d printing overview

With the use of a 3D printer, 3D printing allows you to convert a 3d model into a real physical object.

Why 500 Marvin’s?

All 500 Marvin’s will be given out to people who have not seen a 3D printed object. Thanks to those who will be backing/supporting the launch of the new suitcase 3D printer TeeBot.

After close to two years of 3D printing,  you will  have lots of short filaments or left overs, they make up the 500 Marvin’s.


How can I get a 3D model?

Is it easy to make own design?

With a little bit of patient and learning, it can be easy and fun. Start with easy packages like sketch-up, has lots of free tutorials online. Below I show in few step how to draw a cube. The cube is the most printed object used to calibrate and show how accurate a 3D printer is.


The Printed object turned out to be 20.03mm on one side, unless you are sending the cube to space .03mm is OK!!

Can I get someone to print my cube for me?

Someone near you in your city has a 3D printer and is willing to print for you (at a fee), search 3Dhubs.

20mm X 20mm X 20mm ==> 8cm3

Depending on your material of choice, Price range from 6 Euros up to 35 Euros for the cube. (plastic materials. eindhoven, NL). Uploaad your STL files and find a printer near you.

Can I print  it in steel, gold, brass, platinum…?

Very possible, make an advance search in 3Dhubs or head over to the big boys @ shapeways, upload your files, pay and it will be shipped to you door step in any chosen material. Precious metal 14K gold = 5,000 Euros, Platinum 15,200 Euro (date checked 3-may-2015 @ shapeways).

Should I buy a 3D printer or assemble a DIY kit?

If you are an engineering or technical student or all of these are not new to you (REPRAP, CNC zone, soldering Iron, Arduino, pliers, drills, electric saw, schema diagrams, heat shrink tube, transistors, power supply you get my point) then feel free to try assembling a diy KIT.

For the rest save yourself and your supplier some trouble!!, grab a fully assembled 3D printer, or join an assembly workshop or find some on who can help you with assembling the KIT.

I strongly suggest all engineering and technical students to assemble a 3D printer for themselves. It can be done in a group for knowledge sharing and bulk buy of parts.

Some 3D printing words and simplified meaning.

  • Layer height: Height of the layers 🙂


  • In-fill pattern: Fill pattern 🙂

From Slic3r.org

  • Slicing software/Engine: The software that converts an 3D object (mostly in STL format) into machine coordinates a readable instructions/command (G.code)
  • Print Bed: the flat platform on which the 3D printer prints, mostly glass and aluminium.
  • Hotend: the part of the printer that melts the plastics and extrudes it out through a small tiny hole. Printing temperature can vary from 150 degrees centigrade to 300.



if your question is not on the list please add it in the comment below..

3 thoughts on “500_Marvin’s

  1. roostono

    Hi Tutuemma,

    I just finishing to build Teebox Max kit…and now trying to print foot_cap.stl….using Slice3r convert to foot_cap.gcode….copy to SD Card….insert to LCD Controller……Printing from SD…..preheat ABS …but the extruder does not extruding filament…..Could you help to find out that problem? ..
    I use filament you provided….Thanks

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