TeeBotMax improvements & upgrades please share you toughts


Scripted vases by hakalan, thingiverse thing:104694

Scripted vases by hakalan, thingiverse thing:104694

Many thanks to comment, reviews and critics from builders of TeeBotMax the first 3D printer I designed and made opensource. It has been a big source of experience for me. Over the last few months I have been 3d printing parts for friends and customers sending the complete DIY kits to enthusiastic builder majority of which are in Europe.

Are there improvements you will like to see? are you having problems with your TeeBotMax? please comment bellow or send me an email.

If you are new to 3D printing.. the question is how would you like to get involve..? Share your comments bellow.

The Positives…

  • Let’s start with the good news….
  • The design:- Many love the simple design!! Its just down to earth simple. Lots of comments on that.
  • The frame:- It is sturdy and strong. My quality test engineer (3 year old son) Has done everything possible to crash the printer… no luck. He drives the extruder head manually printing in air or just making scratches on my print surface.
  • The Documentation:- Thanks to the early builders who went through and helped in correcting many typo and measurement error.. Majority of  those who picked up the documentation latter, never had any problem following the guide.

The Negatives and plan for improvement..

  • Wiring: Personally I wished all cables and wire are hidden, depending on your cable management skills, this can be big draw back on the look of the finished printer.
  • Action..: Use  cable/ wire track, provide complete wire harness for customers, hopefully no soldering will be required to assemble the kit.
  • cable track
  • Filament spool holder:  I guess many never printed the complete spool holder. I find it not sitting rigid on the printer. On one occasion (while do demo of course…)  a whole 1kg of filament dropped in tho the printer… Also a user informed me of similar accident, he’s was bad because it broke the Y axis part holding the stepper motor.. I had to print him a new set.
  • Action…:  Drop the filament holder and make it sit beside the printer. Also I experienced that  passing the filament via a PTFE tube to the extruder greatly increases the ease of printing and reduce the force needed by the extruder to pull the filament. Meaning you can go much  faster.
  • WP_20141225_001
  • Breaking plastic parts:- The culprit here is the Y axis . The part which supports the long 8mm rods seems to be breaking off while some people tried to drill and fit the 8mm smoth rods.
  • 2-13-2015 12-21-50 PM
  • Action:– Increase the support/ redesign the complete Y axis holder.
  • Electronics:- Many builders are experienced with other Reprap machine, choice of electronics is easy for them, however many had difficulty on deciding which control board/ Electronics to use.
  • Action:  Default electronics to the use of RAMPS 1.4 (Reprap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield Arduino MEGA based modular RepRap electronics.) the documentation will include detail instruction on how to wire up your TeeBotMax 3d printer to a RAMPS board.
  • IMG_20150129_233756 IMG_20150129_233818

New stuffs:!!On my wish list are the following, I have managed to experiment with a few.

  • Auto bedleveling/ Automatic Calibration of extruder head height from print surface.  there is a wide debate on what this should be called but basically the Idea is to have the printer do an automatic calibration to determined how flat/tilted your print surface is. and then print with out you having to worry about extruder height from the print surface as shown.


  • A New spool holder incorporated with ptfe filament guide.
  • New direct drive extruder. I am loving the design of the new extruder!! simple!!


  • Packaging/Boxing:there is need to have a standard packaging for the kits both the DIY and completely assembled printer.

Those are my thoughts/plan if you can’t wait until all  is ready and like to jump right in on some of the above mention  just shoot me an email or comment bellow.

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