3D Printed Wall clock with lots of colors.

When our wall clock was not keeping to time, due to obstruction in the movements of the hands. We decided to hack the clock, by taking out the engine for use in a 3D printed wall Clock.
After a few hours of 3d design with sketchup…..here is the design

3d printed wall clock

3d printed wall clock

It took the 3d printer 4 hours to print all numbers and about 2 hours to print the base. In total 6 hours of printing.

DSC01159 DSC01161

TeeBotmax 3D printer printing wall clock

TeeBotmax 3D printer printing wall clock

The clock is put together using hot glue stick 12 colored pencil and lot’s  of patience .

All Materials


I started by sorting out which colors I want to use where. Then drop a glue in the holes before inserting the pencils.


Next  I drop glue on the tip of the pencil before inserting them into the round base.



I then insert the pencils in to the base using the hanging hole at the back as a reference guide for 12.



Next Insert the clock engine behind and installed the arms and battery. Very impressed with the pencils !!!


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